Favorite topwater lure?

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With fall time moving in, this will be the last good bite for topwater fishing. What's y'all's top picks for fishing on top? My top 3 are the Megabass PopMax, megastrike cavitron buzzbait, and the strike king swinging sugar buzz


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Redfin, Whopper Plopper, BPS Slim Dog(Sammy Clone) those usually to the trick for me. Been trying to get the hang of the Emerald Popper, but it's not in the circle of trust yet.
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I have a bunch of Rico poppers and yellow magic poppers. I lost my Rio Rico on a snag though recently and that sucked. Between the two, I've done better with the yellow magic. But my personal opinion so far is the PopMax is better than BOTH of them. That thing is in it's own league!
Whopper Plopper, Sammy, and Duo Realis Pencil 110.
I like poppers, chuggers, ploppers, and buzzbaits, but the frog is probably my favorite to throw. They come through cover like a dream, easy to skip, and are good for numbers and quality depending on the bite.


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Any float'n Rappala or small spinner bait pulled close enough to the top to make a wake.