Favorite tv show


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I watch the fishing shows,,,,but it Usally just bums me out in the winter,,,,
I don't watch TV. I watched football up until 3 years ago and stopped watching other shows about 6 or 7 years ago.

When I did watch TV my favorite shows were Rockford Files and Emergency.
Rarely watch anymore. I have no idea, what comes on, much less on what channel. I did watch the 2 hour special the other night about the BTK serial killer. That’s the last time I watched.
Too many to list:

Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Yellowstone, Sons of Anarchy, Mad Men, The Night Of, Wicked Tuna, Alone, Forged in Fire. Missing a few here i think..
Back in the day I sure did love me some of this:



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Longmire, no longer produced, but those of you with Netflix should watch it. Good modern day western, especially if you like Yellowstone.

Justified was also good.

I like the Strike Back series on Cinemax.


Student at the Hard Knock School of Aerodynamics
Mountain Men
Last Alaskans
Building off the Grid
SOS How to Survive
This is Us
Flying Wild Alaska
Counting cars
and sometimes...American pickers
Oh yea, Last Man Standing but not crazy about new season with different cast
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FX series “Taboo” with Tom Hardy. Last season is available on Hulu. Coming on again this year.
Used to watch “Life Below Zero”. Seemed a little scripted at times, but interesting.


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Sean Hannity and Jeopardy . Also record everything I watch ahead so I can fast forward thru adds .
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Wide Earp

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mountain men
life below zero
Alaska the last frontier
forged in fire
last man standing
meet the browns
gonna add Barnwood builders

all on dvr ;);)