Favorite tv show

Gunsmoke...I wanted to like Justified but I couldn't stand the way they talked on that show. I been to Harlan county a lot, they do not speak in riddles like that, they do like a good scrap tho. Me and my cousins used to run down there on the weekends and knock around some.


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Great series,,,,

What was the name of that detective series with Mathew Mconghhey and Woody Harrelson,,,,that was really good,,,,


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Old school, Andy Griffith and Sanford and Son.

New school, not much.... like Curse of Oak Island, American Pickers, Diners Driveins and Dives and Bizarre Foods

Will watch a big college football game if I don’t have something else to do, but not much of a sports fan anymore either.


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I loved Justified as well. Before that, The Shield was good.These days, I watch Jeopardy, Gunsmoke, and A Million Little Things. Mixed with Outdoors shows and a few Andy Griffith reruns and that's about it.

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Moonshiners...... I know it's fake, but so are most of the reality stuff on the tube anyway.

Plus up on Sand Mountain where I live I do know quite a few who used to and some still do make likker.
can't believe I left that one out, love how Mark and Digger play off each other and busting each other's chops, I'd like to have about 1/10 the knowledge ol JB Rader has bout makin' likker and I wish I could get around the hills like Mark Rogers!
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Maine Cabin Master

AHC has some pretty good programming too.


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Married with Children, Sanford and Son, Jeffersons, Beverly Hillbillys, & Good Times still watch them.

Bering Sea Gold, Gold Rush, Deadliest Catch, Moonshiners, WWE, Garage Rehab, Misfit Garage, Fast and Loud, Fox News.

Also big sports guy!
All y'all reality TV fans are worse than the hens with facebook.

Here is another one of my favorites. You youngsters won't understand.

I agree with the Justified fans.

Enjoyable show.

I watch dicumentaries and history shows on Netflix quite a bit.

Series I watch are

The Punisher (Netflix)

I finished Season Two of the Punisher last week.

Good shoot 'em up stuff.

Too many to list:

Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Yellowstone, Sons of Anarchy, Mad Men, The Night Of, Wicked Tuna, Alone, Forged in Fire. Missing a few here i think..

Game of Thrones was one of the best ever.

Sons of Anarchy was top notch.....brutal at times....but well made. I've enjoyed the spinoff, Mayans, too.

Mad Men.....man they drank and smoked in every scene. Good show.

outnumbered on fox news....

Yessir.....easy on the eyes, for certain.

Always a great discussion unless Jessica Tarlov is on. I could do without her on there. Never smiles....grating monotone voice....token liberal views....something is wrong with that chick...no joy in her life ? Probably hates dogs and V8 motors, too.

Longmire, no longer produced, but those of you with Netflix should watch it. Good modern day western, especially if you like Yellowstone.

Justified was also good.

I like the Strike Back series on Cinemax.

Yellowstone was great.....looking forward to more episodes.

I was hoping there would be more to Longmire....seemed unfinished. Well made show....the scenery was top notch.