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Anybody had any experience with these? The last time I bought any kind of Federal ammo, it was so inconsistent, I gave away almost a whole box of ammo because it was garbage. So, I've become a little weary of using anything Federal.
I've been using the Winchester PowerMax Bonded Hollow Points 100 grain in my .243 WIN with superior results. Unfortunately, now I cant' seem to find these ANYWHERE! So, I'm going to have to switch ammo. I found these Federal Fusions in 95 grain at Academy, but Ive never even heard of them. They are a lead free, Copper bonded round. If anybody has any experience with them, I'd like to hear it.


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Just to add, I could care less about the knock down power. Im looking for accuracy, consistency, and distance. If I can put 3 of these into the same quarter (preferably a dime) at 100 yards, thats what I'm looking for.
These are good bullets. They are bonded cores with a fused jacket technology, hence the name "fusion".

They have been accurate in the guns I've shot them in.

Just have to try and see how your gun likes them, but to answer your question, they perform well.
I have had great results with my .308 and they look very promising out of my AR. In the .223 from 75yds , I put three on a dime, so i know that my 1:8 twist loves them.


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It is my preferred ammo for my 7mm-08 and .280 Remington. Usually groups around 3/4" for 3 shots. Being able to stack them in to dime sized groups consistently may be asking a bit much from any factory loaded hunting ammo. But, you may get lucky.


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My ruger hawkeye 280 loves the 140 grain fusions. Only bullet I will shoot out of that gun.


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Thanks for the feedback guys. Its a toss up right now between switching to the fusions, or jumping back to the core lokts.

wareagle700: I have been using the Winchester PowerMax Bonded hollow points, 100 grain. at 100 yards, I can put 3 rounds almost through the same hole. I know its going to be hard to find that same consistency out of another factory load, but its what I'm hoping for. I just hope my rifle likes them. She has her preferences too, and she makes it known.


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The 180grn .30-06 Fusion load shot into slightly over .5MOA at 100yds out of my CZ550FS.

My truck gun is a customized, chopped down Winchester 94 .30-30. Shoots great with the 170grn Fusions.


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I shoot them out of my AR and it loves them. 1/9 twist and will put three inside a quarter at 100yds. Good enough for me.

The few bullets I have retrieved from animals shot with them have all expanded perfectly, and retained their weight after hitting the animal. I have never put one on a scale, but by looking at them, the bullets seem to be 100% intact. Again, good enough for me. See how your rifle likes them.
I have had really good luck with Federal Fusion. I have used it in 25-06, 243, and my most recent rifle I traded for, an old Boat Paddle Ruger in 270. It likes the 150gr bullets pretty well as someone else with a 270 mentioned above. I have also had luck recently with a 308 Winchester EW and the regular Federal Blue Box 150gr ammo. Have shot 2 three shot groups under 1". Seems like Federal is making some fine ammo!

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