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I have a one year old dog that I would like to run in field trials. Trying to get an idea of what is typical of dogs between 1-2, 2-3 years ect in terms of what titles/points they should accrue. I've never been to a trial so extremely new to this. Thanks.
You will be doing hunt tests with ukc.....not field trials. Ukc.....started, seasoned, and hunting retriever champion are the hunt test titles you can attain. Started.....single retrieves on land and water not much emphasis on line manners. Seasoned......double marks, simple blind retrieves. Important for dog not to break. HRCH.....triples, more complicated blinds, perfect line manners, a little trickery thrown in here and there
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Yes, hunt tests. Learning terminology still. Would you expect a dog between 1-2 to do seasoned or just some started tests. I read that you can get points for two started tests. Thanks.
You won't be able to pass a AKC Sr test or a UKC seasoned test unless ur dog can handle blind retrieves at a minimal distance and steady at line as well as retrieve doubles to hand in land and water ... if u go to each website under there hunt rules u can see what's expected of dog to pass ... good luck
There are several coming up in georgia through the next month. Id go to one of them and watch all the stakes. Talk to folks. Dont camp out at started all day. Go to all of them. You'll have fun. Look on the HRC website for test schedules. New club in Northwest georgia has their first test in 2 weeks. Then middle georgia hrc is a couple weeks aftet that.