Finally cool weather let's tree one

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Anybody else been waiting on this cool snap to run the dogs? Coonhunting in hot weather is rough on me and my dogs. It's 46 degrees at my house right now can't wait till tonight. Anybody else going let us know how you turn out
Been tuning up my squirrel dogs on some of these cool mornings. I'll start coon hunting with my buddies now that it's cooling off some. Release the hounds ! Love that music they make.
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Yes sir nothing better than mountain music. Gotta love the fall all the orchards are dropping apples around here keeping coons on the ground all night
Yep. Will start to get serious. This pup I have started is going to be a goodun it looks like !! Welcome to the campfire !! Where you located ??
Never been coon hunting. Need one of y’all nice folks to take me.