Finally, I get to go huntin

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If the Lord's willin I will finally get to go huntin tomorrow. Takin my muzzleloader down to the Corps Land around West Point Lake. Then Friday, Primative Weapons Hunt at West Point WMA. Boy howdy I can hardly wait. Wish me luck.


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Go get them Paymaster! :shoot:

I went for the first time last weekend here in Florida. It is still archery season and Saturday I shot a big doe and then Sunday out of the same tree I shot a nice buck.

Sure was nice to be in the woods with the animals...
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You got that right Glenn. Congrats on your success. Just got notified that my Dad is having a heart proceedure Friday. Supposidly minor thing but with the heart you never know. So Fridays plans will have to wait. Still planning to go tomorrow and Saturday if all is well. Please remember my Dad in Prayer. Thanks