Fine Friday for Finesse w/pics

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My buddy Lanier Jim and I made it out today to see if we could find a few fish. It started out a little slow throwing the moving stuff but LJ slowed it down with his shaky head worms and we started boating fish. Not one sniff on the swimbait today and I threw it a lot too. Every fish we caught today was on LJ's shaky head rigs and we couldn't get bit on the moving stuff. We just had to go with the flow. Here's a few pics from our outing. again.jpg again1.jpg again2.jpg again3.jpg again4.jpg again5.jpg again6.jpg


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Awesome, I was out yesterday too about the same time. HOT. Couldn't buy a fish on the swimbait. I did catch one on a fluke. Was thinking I should have brought shaky head worms. Dang it.
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