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Union City (Ga) Fire Dept is looking for Firefighters. They will train you for fire but you must have your EMT or Paramedic. We do not transport. Contact me for info. Or Google their web site.
Best career out there... I appreciate all public service workers from utility workers to police officers but, firefighters are in my family and they hold a special place with me.
38 to 40 is why you are looking. Medics make that without having to worry about fighting fire. Thats also why Florida gets a lot of our people, Georgia can not match the pay. 38 with no experience and isn't bad. I'm a Lt with 15+ years, Fire II, Haz-Mat tech, and rescue tech(current member of GSAR). I have no desire to be a Medic though, I got in to fight fire and run rescues not to push drugs and do CPR.