First Bear Hunt Advice?

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This year were getting to go to north georgia and try a week of bear hunting. We have been looking at blue ridge wma and the forest land around lake rabun. Has anyone hunted these areas or know which one might be better for new bear hunters? We spoke to someone at a regional dnr office that said the forest land may be better for seeing bear. Thanks for any advice!
There are bear all over the NGa mountains. As the more experienced hunters have told other new to bear hunting: read all the advice you can in this section. I would pay close attention to what Dana Young, treecutter, rippleridder, and Uniciodawg say. I can't ride a FS road and not see bear sign from what I have learned from these men.
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Thanks for the reply! I will be spending a lot of time scrolling through this forum and will keep an eye out for those names you mentioned.
Yeah what he said. Watch out for them and a couple others here. They are a wealth of knowledge I've learned a ton from reading their stuff over the years. The only reasons I haven't connected with one yet is all due to me being cursed. If it can go wrong for me scheduling a hunt it will go wrong.
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haha well maybe youll have better luck this year!
Dana has put me on bears but they have been too small or had cubs.


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Blue Ridge has a good many bears I've killed one there and the biggest bear I ever saw in the woods was on Blue Ridge. Unfortunately bears werent legal back then on the muzzleloader hunt I had an easy 40 yard broadside shot opportunity. May have been for the best 'cause I hunted with a .45 caliber round ball back then. Not a whole lot of energy for a bear nearly as big as a steer. They changed the rules the next year to allow bears to be taken on that hunt. I went to a .50 caliber soon after.
Every forest service road in North Georgia has lots of bear sign right now, should be easy to find them. There is not much in the woods for them to eat so they are getting close to the settlements for food. I hope you all get your limit.