First fish of 2010!

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Caught my first fish this year on my first cast of the day. Caught it on a strike king red eye shad. My favorite rattle-traps/lipless crankbaits. Caught it yesterday around 12:30.


Cletus T.

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Hot Dog dude.......that's one heck of a first fish.

Congrats on the catch and thanks for sharing it with us!!!! What did that sucker weigh?????


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Very nice........did you catch anymore after that? I can't wait to go.....
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Thanks yall. Well I only had about 30 minutes to fish because I skipped my lunch period to go fishing :fine: so that was the only one I caught. I'm not quite sure how much it weighed I didn't have my scale on me but I'm thinking it was about 6 lbs. What do yall think?
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Glad I could start the year off with a bang! Even if I was a little late to do it haha


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Dont know that it will go 6, but it sure is a HOSS and makes for a SUPER AVATAR!! Congrats!! Best lunch break you can have!!!
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Ha yeah thanks guys/gals. Ha by the end of the day that picture had gone around the whole school no thanks to my friend. Apparently thats one of the biggest bass to come out of that pond so the picture is gonna be on the announcements next week! Ha its not my biggest but it sure is a dandy one!