First fly rod and reel


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Why did you skimp so on your purchase? ::ke:

That is a great combo. Good job. If you buy a good combo at the start of your fly fishing adventure, you are going to enjoy it much more.
Should work well. I have a TFO 7wt that is my go-to smallmouth and trout streamer rod. 6wt is a bit heavy for trout and bream, but very workable, and is about perfect for bass. The TFO I have casts like a rocket.


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20 to 30 years ago or more, the standard recommendation for trout was a 6. As rods have gotten faster, the standard recommendation seems to be 5. While a rod may be rated 5/6, a 6 will load the rod for shorter casts better than a 5 wgt. line on the same rod and conversely the 5 for longer casts. Although the mass of the 6 will more comfortably throw poppers, weighted flies and streamers than the 5 and deal with wind better than a 5. Gil