First GA Gator Hunt suggestions

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Alright guys,

I asked this question a few years ago, and I think I'll go on my first GA gator hunt this year. I have 8 points and I'm looking for suggestions on zones and guides.

I talked to Gary Frye a few years ago and he seems like a great guide.

I was thinking zones 9/8/7/6...I do want to factor in drive time as I'm driving from PA.

Any suggestions would be greatful.
Zone 2 is your best shot at a public water Georgia alligator in my personal opinion. The deadline to apply is this Sunday if I'm not mistaken though so might want to go ahead and wager those preference points. Good luck.
I didn't know Seminole is in zone 2 even though I took a 8'-6" there the 3rd gator season. I did apply for my 3rd priority point this year. Could I get picked for zone 2 next year with those?:cheers: