First saltwater fishing trip for the wifey.

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Headed down to Steinhatchee with my wife for her first saltwater experience. I have fished alot on the flats for trout and reds and so on but would like to do some bottom fishing for black sea bass or other bottom dwellers. I don't think she can last at casting all day. So if anyone would like to help me out a little I would greatly appreciate it. Don't want anyones honey holes just a place to keep her happy with a bent pole. We will be down there starting on April the 17th thru the 20th. thanks in advance for any help. just PM me.


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My wife and I went Saturday. The bsb’s were thick, along with some nice grunts. We caught about 65 or so, kept about 40. The fog was thick from the time we left, until we headed back in about noon. You could see 100 yards or so, so really no danger of hitting something, but I’ve never seen it last so long.