First Year Trapping

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Going to attempt trapping on my property this year. In the process of ordering some gear and need advice and recommendations.

Based on trail cameras I know we have a decent amount of coon, fox, and bobcat. Coyotes are less frequently seen.

We also have 2 beaver dams and I know the previous owner had trapped them but never could eradicate them.

My initial purchase will be some dog proof coon traps and some #330 body traps.

Having a hard time deciding on which leg holds to purchase. Would the MB550 or any #2 trap be a good optiman n for bobcat, fox and an occasional coyote?



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I would recommend Bridger 1.75 if that’s your target animals. They’re a good trap for the money. They’ll also hold coyotes just fine. If money isn’t an issue you can never go wrong with the 550’s. I would also say get you some snares and #4 or #5 footholds for the beaver with drowners. Water trapping is just as fun for me as land trapping.

Good luck.