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Up in New York with my hunting buddy doing a little late season Fall turkey hunting and helping him run his trap line. Caught this fisher this morning. Interesting animal. 8A567F54-89BD-4C0F-950D-BD31B27F1AD8.jpeg
I used to have a fisher fur hat, it's some nice fur.

There apparently used to be a small population of fishers (and snowshoe hares,) in the high-elevation spruce-fir forests here in western NC and eastern TN before industrial logging wiped them out back around the turn of the last century. They have kicked around the idea of reintroducing them in the Great Smoky Mountains national park.


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They are building up quite a population in Northwest Pennsylvania and Northeast Ohio. PA may have a trapping season and Ohio has none. They are a very effective little predator. The feed on squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits and ground nesting birds. The can and will climb trees and have been known to target roosting turkeys. The turkey populations along the state line between PA and Ohio are declining due to the Fishers. These two states better wake up before their turkey populations in these areas are too low to recover.