Fishing Holes around Grayson, GA


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Originally from Middle GA.....I've been living in the area going on 5 years. I've fished local public areas like Lake Varner, Black Shoals, Tribble Mill....but you kinda need a boat to fish those lakes. Anyway, just was wondering if anybody knew of any other Fishin Holes in the area. I'm strictly a catch and release angler looking for somewhere to go instead of driving 2 hours to catch fish. I'm primarily looking for some Bass Fishing Holes......Any suggestions!!!!


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I can think of two close by Grayson. Tribble Mill Park off of New Hope Church Rd. and Ft. Yargo off Hwy. 81 on the other side of hwy. 316 if your going towards Winder. I have heard on many people catching big fish from the bank in Tribble Mill park, especially the lake that you are not allowed to put a boat on.


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mrowland, in case you were not aware, there are two lakes at Tribble Mill park. The smaller lake has couple of piers and is for bank fishing.


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Charlie Elliott (Marben Farms PFA) isn't far from Grayson and has numerous lakes/ponds that are bank fishing friendly. Beautiful place to spend the day.


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tribble mill is the best y drive when its in ur back yard i love it...... cought some off my biggest from there ...i am happy about summer to fish it .....