Fishing Smith Creek Tomorrow 3/16

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I was going to go up to fish the DH Smith Creek in Helen, GA tomorrow. I wonder if the rain last night and the cold front would affect the bite that much?
Might be there myself.
Maybe I will see you. I am in a black chevy cruze.
Grey 2018 Nissan PU

I am 3 miles from Unicoi right now and the creek behind the cabin is Full. Might go down and check out Smith creek and let you know something. Rain has stopped for now.
That would be nice if you could. Last time I fished it was very high. Caught one.
It is high and the further downstream you go it gets cloudy. Very cloudy at the end of 356 where it dumps into the hooch. Lake is at full pool and as much standing water as is in the ditches not likely to go down much overnight.
50/50 depends on how fast the wife wants to head back to Newton county. Temp this morning is 40* at the cabin.