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Anybody eat there? Me and the family stopped in today for lunch and saw that a regular hamburger with no drink or sides was $7.39!!!
I bout told the guy what he could do with that hamburger. Then I realized that he just takes up space there and doesn't set prices. Needless to say, we didn't eat there. I guess that's why me and the big city life don't get along. It cost way too much for me.
Never ate there. But, if I'm gonna spend $8 for a burger, it's gonna be at Fuddruckers.


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They're pretty good, but really greasy.

Burger21 has an awesome burger with a lot of options, but they're not cheap either.

Cheeseburger bobby's is also good, and also not cheap.

Now that McDonalds and the other "cheap" places get away with selling a nasty burger combo for $8, it's easy for walk in places with real burgers to charge upwards of $10. They are pretty darn good though.
I eat there occasionally. They're good burgers, and a regular order of fries will feed a small army.
Yep. $8 for a medium #1 at Mickey D's or Booger Kang v. $11 for a Five Guys double with everything is no contest.


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I'm not doubting the quality of their food, I just couldn't bring myself to pay that much for a burger and then pay more for fries and drink. After all, there are 5 of us. If I do pay that much, it should be a ribeye sandwich. And I don't eat anything from McDonald's or Booger Kang. Those are the most disgusting places imo, and I sure don't let my kids eat there.
I eat there occasionally. They're good burgers, and a regular order of fries will feed a small army.
Probably about two large orders of fries would feed me with a big burger. I can eat a dishpan full of fried taters. My main gripe with most burger places is not enough fries.

If I stop at Wendy's (the absolute best fast-food burger joint,) the combo I get is usually about $10.
I can eat a dishpan full of fried taters.
That's the small order of fries at Five Guys. The large order is about half a grocery sack.:bounce:
The small five guys loaded is I think is just under $5 or was last time I ate there which has been over a year. The fries are great and a small order would easily feed two adults. Two small orders would have covered all of you. The small burger is a lot more burger than those fast food joints and all the larger one is same burger just two patties rather than 1. I tried Wendys and it was literally not edible. Arbys has two great turkey sandwiches.

Best hamburger I have ever had is the old (50's-60's) Dairy Queen Brazier burger. Now I was a college student and might not be as good as I remember but you could smell them cooking blocks away like the old bbq places that used pits.


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DQ and Wendy's has the best fast food burgers in my opinion. Just got sticker shock when I saw those prices at 5 guys.
We used to eat there a lot, but then the burgers started to cost more and we also thought they got smaller too. That was maybe a couple years ago. We haven't been for a while but when we did go they were very tasty.
I won't eat at 5 Guys unless someone else is picking up the tab. The first and last time I ate there burger, fries and a drink were $13 and some change. Now, it was a good burger and came with pretty much a bushel of fries, but that's just too much for a weekday lunch.

The Varsity has gotten the same way. Here in Athens the #2 combo (chili dog, chili cheeseburger, fries and a drink) is up to $10.59 nowadays. Maybe I'm just getting cheap in middle age, but nope, it's just not worth that.
Never understood the craze with Five Guys. Yes, it is a good burger, but it's nothing spectacular. If you want something good, try Freddie's (steak burgers) or Culver's (butter burgers) is the way to go.
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