Fl Gov Race headed to a recount

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Looks like Florida might have to recount the Governor race as well as Senate race.

Why am I suspicious?
Why am I wondering if dems are trying to pull shenanigans?
"Broward County".


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I posted a video of the broward county votes being moved around in personal vehicles with no supervision. Then they were loaded into a rental truck. Supposedly they were provisional ballots, lots of them.


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Here it is, you might want to forward it to the News there.



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Don’t see how ballots “found” days after an election could be even remotely considered legit. If there is there needs to be a wholesale reform of the places where those ballots were found. More incompetence or corruption. I’ll say corruption.


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And..........we are supposed to just be OK with this.

It's OK, right ??????

Disgusting corruption.
You know, it is funny how the only voting precincts in Georgia and Florida that can't count votes in a timely manner are all controlled by the demonrats. With the videos out of Broward Co. and now Daughterty Co. looking for votes, it makes one wonder.


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And now they’re saying Fried has surpassed Matt Caldwell for Comm. of Agriculture. She’s a leftist who only wants the position to screw with the CCW permits.
Civil war is coming. Make your mind up to that.