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Is it as hard as it looks, I`ll like to learn how to make an arrowhead but is it possible to teach an old dog something new.


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its not a hard thing to learn just a fustrating thing to learn. it is for me anyhow. I am still learning. i break more than i make. there is some good videos and books out there to start with. and several places on the web sell knapping starter kits. you can get material off ebay, neolithics.com, just do a search for flintknapping on yahoo ect. you can find some stuff out there


It just takes a lot of practice to learn your angles and to hit where you`re lookin`. If you can drive nails with a hammer consistantly, if the sight of your own blood don`t bother you, if you can stand a little pain and heartache, you can learn to knap stone.
Your best bet would be to sit with a knapper and watch him work. That way you can see what he`s doin` and why. if you ever go to an Indian festival or Mountain Mens rondyvoo where a flintknapper is plyin` his trade, just ask him if you can sit and watch a while. I know of none who won`t be glad to help. Just don`t interrupt his concentration when he`s workin` a really thin point down to the finish.
The Ossahatchee Indian Festival will be in Hamilton Georgia in October. I might or might not be at it, but a friend of mine will and he will be workin` stone. I recommend watchin` him for a while. You`ll learn a lot.


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I've watched a video and learned quite a bit... Unfortunately, I have yet to watch someONE in person do it.... :huh: ;)

Maybe one day...................................................................................