Fly Fishing class @ Panola Mountain SP


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Todays GEMC "Georgia" magazine lists a Basic Fly Fishing class at Panola Mountain State Park on Nov 8th.

Have any of you been to this class, know anything about it. I plan to attend with my son, and would like some more info.

A call to the number, 770-389-7801, just gives me an answering machine with no info.


I took a fly tying class there about a month ago. It was awesome. It was very laid back. There is an older gentleman that was in the class that taught the fly fishing class. It will be great for you and your son. I think you have to have a fishing license and a trout stamp. Good luck.


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Thanks Dawg,

What about equipment? should I bring my own, or is it provided?

I'm pretty sure they've got basic rods and reels for you. You may want to call to double check. Try and take the fly tying class as well. Your son will really love that. I tied a woolly bugger there and went out to a local pond and caught a 2 pound catfish on the thing. I never expected the catfish to take it but it sure was fun.