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Does anyone know what the record is for the biggest spotted bass ever caught on Lake Lanier with a fly rod? Not sure if people keep track of stuff like that but I was just wondering. I have searched around on google and haven't found any results.


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Yes they do...

IGFA has fly rod tippet class world records and conventional tackle records. You have to be prepared with everything once the catch is made to have a chance at the record. Check with the IGFA website, I am a regular over there as well. Lanier Guide Henry Cowen has put a client on two spot fly rod records recently, both were around 5lbs.


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Here are the current IGFA spotted bass fly rod records, Im pretty sure the state does not keep record of "fly rod" records. Gary lowe Jr. holds the record for the 20lbs class, it was caught on lanier, and a few weeks ago he broke the 8lbs record with a 5+lbs spott from lanier.
Line class weight
2lbs 2lbs 6oz Cali
4lbs 3lbs 8oz Cali
6lbs 4lbs 8oz Ala
8lbs 3lbs 12oz Ala ****
12lbs 6lbs 5oz Ala
16lbs 5lbs 9oz Ala
20lbs 4lbs 0oz Lanier GA


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I have "heard" folks tell me that they have caught and released spots upwards of 6 lbs on the fly. Never saw any proof (pictures) but I would not doubt it. The picture below is of a retired Colonel in the US Army who two years ago caught this spotted bass the weighed 5 3/4 lbs on my boga grip while on a guided trip. That is the biggest I have seen.....he was fishing 12 lb test and thus did not qualify for a line class tippet record. We could have beaten the 16 lb class but that would be considered "fishing" according to the IGFA and not legal. You MUST submit only into the line class you are fishing as going up one or two line classes is discouraged and deemed "fishing for a record". Integrity starts with and must be policed by ourselves!

Henry Cowen


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Thanks for all the great feedback. I have just recently started fly fishing on Lanier, and I'm lovin it. I actually caught some crappie today and a couple bream.