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I was recently gifted a White River Hobbs Creek fly rod and reel. It was always an interest of mine to get into fly fishing, mostly to panfish and bass fish from my kayak. The rod and reel outfit spec out as a 9', 8# rig. I am just curious to hear from those who are far more knowledgeable as to what this size rig is good for? Is it a good all around starter kit? Or would I be better suited to trade it in for a 5#?

Any and all advice is certainly welcome!


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If I had to choose only ONE all around fly rod it would be a 5wt 8' 6" or maybe 9'. If you are fishing for smaller panfish, typical GA bass and all of the trout found in in North GA, Western NC etc. a 5 WT will do the job.

I think you will find the 5WT is a better 1 all around rod option. However, just a word of advise, if you are going to increase your time fly fishing, at some point you will probably find yourself in the market for an 8/9WT...then a 3 WT...then a....well you get the idea.


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Yep, swap for a 5Wt. It will be a little heavy for bluegill and stocker trout, and a little too light to throw bigger streamers for bass, but overall it’s the best compromise.

As mentioned, if the fly fishing bug gets a good bite on you, you’ll be buying lots more rods.