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This is the fly swap rules and sign up thread. If you are interested in participating in a fly swap, please respond to this thread. I will update the swap member list until sign up deadline.

Rules. You must sign up before 11/9/08(2 weeks).
The fly you tie is up to you.Any pattern you wish.Tie only one pattern.Fresh or saltwater flies accepted.
You will need to tie one fly for every member in the swap but yourself(10 members 9 flies).
Do not tie something different for each member.
So if your pattern is an Adams,tie an Adams for each member.
Toe Tag each fly with fly name and your board name.
Toe tags are little slips of paper with the info written on them.
Push the hook point thru the toe tag so there is one for each fly.
Flies must be received by me by 11/23/08.
Flies must be mailed to me in a crush proof container(Altoid Tins are great for this).
Included in this package, mailed to me, must be a return pre-addressed mailer with sufficient postage to mail it back to you. I use 4x6 or 6x8 padded mailers from Wal-Mart. Usually $2 worth of postage for the return mailer is more than plenty.
I suggest buying two mailers one larger than the other. Mail fly container and return postage affixed mailer in the larger of the two. I will return the flies to you in your container as soon as all are received. I will PM my address to each of the members.If everyone is OK with it I will post a picture of your fly contribution in a Swap pic thread. So who's in?And what will you tie? You may decide what you'll tie at a later date just let us know if you want to join.

Paymaster-Soft Hackle
Corey-White Clouser Withdrawn
ucfsae8i-Salt Water Fly(Toad Fly)Received
Bitteroot-Bead head peacock half back Received
bonedog-Y2Ks Received
Allenww-EHC (2) Received
dawgcpa- McGinty Received
Mr7mag- Del Borwn's MerkinReceived


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I'm in guys! Never done this before, so I hope ya'll like belly button lint! :bounce:

Put me in for a Bead head peacock half back!


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I know thats not all that want to join in this...Come on guys.


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If I could tie I would join, getting my first kit now. Starting from scratch.
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If I could tie I would join, getting my first kit now. Starting from scratch.
You can still join if you want to.We would love one of your first creations!!:cool: Let us know and we will add you to the list.


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For any new tiers (tyers?) swaps are a great way to get some practice and learn to tie a particular pattern. Any and all are welcome.

Baby Bear

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Too soon

I think this is a really cool ideal and would participate but I have not gotten in far enough to start tieing my own flies yet.

Ya'll have fun, maybe I can get in on the next round.

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Q Cookin, Fly Tyin, Mod going to mark this thread...and if I'm back from my midwest hunts I'm good for a bunch of Stimulators.....ill check back in when i get in and let you know for sure Paymaster.
Good deal Gatorb. Look forward to hearing from you.


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I'm in.

I'll do it. Not sure what I will tie yet. Something Saltwater. I'm going to tie Del Brown's Permit Merkin! Had good success on Redfish with them.
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Welcome to the swap Mr7mag and dawgcpa. Glad to have y'all with us.