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Just checking to see if there is interest in doing a fly swap. I will host if there are enough folks interested.


Definite maybe here. :D
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190 views three replies. Guess the better way is to start a sign up thread. I am gonna name this swap after our late friend Injun Joe. I will do this tomorrow.
Man, I hate to hear about Injun Joe. My thoughts and prayers to the friends and family.

Sign me up for a swap. What's the theme? Injun Joe's favorite flys?
I've not done a fly swap in years. What are some other themes you've done? Maybe something different this time...
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I have started a sign up and swap rules thread. I have listed the members that have said for sure they are in. I have pinned that thread to the top.
We have done dry fly swaps,nymph swaps, favorite DH fly swaps, salt or warm water swaps. Just about anything you can think of.
Bet you haven't done a south GA small stream redfin pickerel fly swap! There's plenty room for new themes!!
My favorite dry fly is easy, EHC all day.
But settling on my favorite winter nymph.... I've got a few that I've had good results on. Caught a couple this week on an NC DH stream until I broke my rod.

BH pheasant tail? BH WD40? Maybe a BH crystal hare's ear?

You know how they say something is like riding a bike, once you learn how, you never forget? Well, I may not have forgotten how, but I'm rusty as heck.

Here's a BH sparkle hare's ear that I'm thinking about for the fly swap.