Fly tying truth or dare

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Have you ever...
1) Fought buzzards off a road killed turkey to get it’s feathers?
2) Stopped traffic in a traffic circle to retrieve a downed mallard drake?
3) Harvested tails off such roadkill as squirrels and/or deer?
4) Tried to make friends with someone who keeps roosters that might
“meet an untimely death of unknown circumstances” so you could get free neck and saddle hackle?

Not saying that I have done any of the above. I was just wondering about you.


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Well since we are being truthful. I have not tied a true Elk Hair Caddis in decades. Mine are deer hair Caddis which I find easier to tie especially in smaller sizes. The abdominal flank hair of a roadkill doe works nicely, and the white lower abdominal hair takes dye easily.
I hit a Tom with my truck back in 94 . I am still using feathers off that pelt. It was not a money saver though I had to replace my windshield :rolleyes:
I have an internet friend who works on a ranch in Wyoming that has paid pheasant hunts for it's clientele . He keeps me in Ringneck pheasant pelts and I send him dryed and boraxed possum . I have a nymph pattern tied entirely out of Possum dubbing and copper wire that I named the Roadkill Nymph. The name was based on the primary source of the Possum. ;)
All of my Squirrel dubbing has been supplied by my Marlin 39 a lever action for years. I have never shot a duck, but a duck hunting buddy fron work gave me a Mallard that I dryed, boraxed, and have been tying off of for years.
I need to get him to hook me up with some guinea feathers. They tie great nymphs.


I tried to get Nicodemus to get me some hackle off of his rooster, but he was too skeered of that bird.

I gave our last rooster to Miss Tomboy Boots. You might wrangle some feathers from her. :D

I need to get him to hook me up with some guinea feathers. They tie great nymphs.

I wish I had some of the feathers from those that I killed over the years!