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Ed Gallop started the website, got it up and running with top contributors from all over the world. He put the site up for sale and I don't know whatever happened to him or why the site was deactivated, but the wayback machine captured it all. Gil
Thanks for the link, there's some good info there!
I met Ed in 2002 or so at a flyfishing show in Charlotte, NC and he told me some stories and about his website.

I remember reading this when I first thought about taking a fly rod along on one of my trips to Ossabaw Sound.

Good stuff then and now.

Never did time it right to catch any Red Drum in the flooded grass.
Have caught some over the years in deeper water as well as Flounder, Speckled Trout and Croaker along the grass and Oysters rakes.
Cool find!

I've met, camped and fished with several of the
folks in there. A couple of 'em this year.

Lotsa grand memories.
Same here, I see some names on that list that brought back some good memories from some really good fishing trips.
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One of the site contributors was Eric Peper and editor of Field & Stream who did the "Fly of the Month" column for several years. Eric and his son went fishing with me moons ago and his photo on the site was taken on the trip. He did the introduction in the ground-breaking Swisher/Richards's Selective Trout book which introduced the "no hackle" fly concept. We've stayed in touch over the years, and it's "let's go fishing", but we haven't. Croaker, we may have either talked or emailed way back when. The fishing now isn't like it was back then. "You should've been here last century/year/week". But that's always the story. ;) Gil
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