Food plot on wet ground? Advice Please

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So I just got a tractor and I'm trying to learn all I can about food plots. I would like to have yr round plots half spring plots to grow them and half fall kill plots. I am in the process of picking areas and getting them mowed. Should I avoid areas that hold moisture and can have standing water after tons of rain but drain quickly? Those areas seem to have moist soil in the dryer times of the year. Any types of ground I should really be looking for?


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If you were to run your tractor over those wet area's, even after the water has drained away, but the soil is still moist, you would compact the soil and create a mud puddle. That's not a good thing for growing anything, except maybe rice.

Does that area just need improved drainage, like a flat ditch to run the water off, quicker? If a simple ditch cures the problem, I wouldn't be afraid to plant there.

If you were to take a look (generally speaking) where things are growing the best and you're having to bush hog the thickest material, that's probably where the best place is going to be, to improve, to make your food plots. Make sense? Mother Nature knows where to grow things.

As far as soil "types", you've got what you've got. One thing you can do, to help figure things out, is sign up at and plot out your property. Farmlogs will also email you how much (ballpark) rain your property got, but it will also give you an indication of what soil types you currently have and where. Look under fields. It will help you get steered in the right direction.

Post your findings and you might get some more advice! Also, do a soil test and the extension service will provide you with lots of information!

Mine is listed below.

Soil at the Hill-1.JPG Soil at the Hill.JPG Flat Ditch 5-27-16.jpg