For Woody's Kids

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This is for the kids that visit us or are members here at Woody's.If you're under 30,that's a kid to me,because I'm old enough to be your daddy.:bounce:
I'm a man who has made just about every mistake a man can make in my 55 year long life,and some of the stupid things I did should have killed me many times over.I'm still here for one reason,plain and simple: God. Before you turn away at that,please listen/read the rest of this,because it's deadly serious - that's why I put it in this part of the forum.
I know how important it is to a kid to "fit in" or be cool,or whatever you want to call it - BUT:

Stunting the growth of your mind and maturity by smoking weed is not cool.
What a 2 ton mass of steel [car] can do to a human body because of foolish behavior [ driving while impaired] is not cool.
What methamphetamine can do to your looks,not to mention your mind and body,is not cool.
Drinking alcohol when you're not mature enough to know when to stop is not cool. Many people should not drink at all.

I said that I'm only alive because God wanted me to be,and I truly believe that. The very best advice I can give you is this: Find a church that has some folks your own age.Be their friend,and let them be yours.No,of COURSE they won't be perfect,and neither will any of us be.They WILL be real friends,and you will help each other all your lives,however long or short they may be.

Thanks for listening/reading:)


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Thanks for the letter to the youth. I am only 29 myslef but a husband and a father to three. I see and understand what u say. all I have to say is AMEN!!


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I understand. Thats why I'm gettin out of the city. Movin to the country. As said before, Wise Words.
wise words thanks