Fort Benning big one

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I shot this big boy Friday afternoon after work. I was slipping along an old tote road. I knew there was a big buck in that piece but not this big. Anyone know a good taxidermist in Columbus? What do you all think he'd score? He is my biggest racked buck to date.





Not in the Columbus area but if you want a quality mount, I highly recommend Andy Nimmons in Lexington,Ga. I know there are others out there just as good as he but I have several mounts done by him and narry one complaint from me.

Awesome buck!
Also, sorry forgot to add, I would use Chris Fortner in Covington...I know its a drive from Columbus but that's one nice deer..get him done right


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West Georgia Taxidermy in Lagrange did an awesome job on a fish mount for my son. He had a lot of his work hanging that looked amazing.


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Ya done good. That's a nice one. Hope you do find a good taxidermist. Check out their work first to make sure it meets your approval before committing.


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Nice Deer! And in the back of the Trailblazer? LOVE IT LOVE IT!:cool:


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There is a guy in Phenix City that does it from his home. Did a real good job on mine. His name is Scott Johnson. I will find his number and ship it your way. Nice deer. I grew up hunting Benning and never killed one that nice!
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Thanks fellas. I was thinking 130. There are some big ones out there. I have another on camera just a little smaller that has yet to be seen in the daylight. I'm tagged out on bucks so one of my hunting buddies has a chance.