Fort McAllister - Feedback?

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Traveling from Metro Atlanta, I stayed at the state park over the weekend, and kept my boat at the Fort McAllister Marina. Weather was good, but we could not catch a fish to save our lives! I did so much research before this trip and threw the kitchen sink at the fish, but no luck.

Live shrimp, frozen shrimp, cut mullet, bottom fishing, drift fishing, popping corks, outer bends in rivers, oyster bed edges, fast current, slow current, incoming/outgoing tide, grass lines, gulp alive, fishbites, docks, am I missing anything?!

Another note: There are no navigational markers other than a red buoy east of the marina. How are boaters supposed to know where to go? The guy at the marina straight up told me that all maps for this area are wrong, anyway. Another woman at the bar accused the locals of "moving the markers", and that non-locals are not welcome.

This trip was fun, but very discouraging, as I believe that I did my homework. You guys make it look so easy! I would appreciate any feedback.
been fishing there for years and still cant catch a fish inshore to save my life other than whiting and shark … Other people catch a lot of trout and reds leaving from there. So I will let others tell you about that.

Navigation is tricky. I do not think locals are removing the markers though. Most locals are friendly, I just think it was never well marked until the marina put out bouys a few years ago. However most of these washed away.

Stay by the side of the river the marina is on past the fort until u see the red marker then make a SHARP cut across to the other side, then hug that side until you see 2 large poles then make a slow cut to the far side (will be your starboard) follow that past the ICW marker 98 which is bear river entrance and then if you are staying on the Ogeechee heading toward the ocean/sound make a slow turn to port, it is well marked and keep the red on the port side and green on the starboard side and you will be fine. Of course if you turn on the bear river/ICW (also marked Florida passage on some charts) you will now need to keep the Red on the right side and green on left.

Then reverse it heading home. Easy as pie, right? and oh yeah sand bars shift and watch the tides ;-):cool: