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Thanks woody for the great gathering place… And I’m sure my girlfriend and Boss thanks you as well… ::ke:

Keep the fire burning Woody!!!! I'm alittle chili over here ;) ... Happy B-day..


Bucky T

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The years keep rolling by!!

Woody and all the Mods,

It has been an absolute pleasure to be a member of this board for going on 4yrs. I remember when I joined up in July of 01.

I've learned a lot on here over the years and thanks for giving us all the opportunity to have such a great place to talk and learn about the outdoor activities we all care about so much.


No. GA. Mt. Man

Gone But Not Forgotten
I Wish I Had Found It A Long Time Ago.
i am telling you this is the best thing since sliced bread. i love this place. yea we got a few "buckups" on here but otherwise this is full of awesome people. thanks for letting me be apart of it.
WTG Woody!!!

Very interesting history.
Thank God for Woody's, and those who help out, support, & make positive contributions to the forum!!!

Cheers & heres to ya again . . .


Kinda sad to look up at his handle and know that little blue dot will never light up green again... :(
Thanks Mr Coffee

Thanks Mr Coffee for taking the time...Rest in peace.::;

Cletus T.

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Thank you Woody for everything.

May God grant your family peace during the hard days to come.

You were a great man!!!


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Was about to ask about this, thanks for bringing it up
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