Found a gun!!!!!!!

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Hello folks, I found a gun in Cooper's Creek WMA.

I realize it's a long shot, and I know the WMA is HUGE, but if the rightful owner of lost gun can tell me the general vicinity and an accurate full description of said gun, I will ship it to you.

Even if the rightful owner that lost it is not a member here, maybe a friend that is a member here knows about it and could contact the owner and refer this to them, thanks.

I know I would love to get mine back if I had lost it.


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So, over the past couple weeks, 2 guns have been found on WMA's?
I think the other one found turned out to be stolen. Jeff, you should probably check the hotgunz site and see if this one is stolen as well. I admire your honesty to return firearm to proper owner, but be careful!