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I'm planning to bowhunt Cohutta come September. I've already started my scouting. I know very little about Cohutta or bear hunting for that matter. Between staying in the woods & all the good info on here, I feel confident about it. So here is my question, I saw a realy big bear a few days ago ( basing his size on a friends bear that he killed weighing 210#, this bear was about the same heighth but much thicker. Big head, rump, low belly.) Will this bear be in the area I saw him in come early bowseason? Or am I scouting too early?


He may be 20 miles away by then. Bears follow food sources, and have huge home ranges.

Dana Young

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He will be where the food is . That may or may not be where you saw him. hey travel long distances this time of year I would wait till closer to the season to start seriously looking for a spot to set up on one. I am not saying to stop looking now . just record your sightings and everything you notice about the area when you do see a bear . as you continue to scout and see more bears you will notice patterns about your sightings. Such as the terrain, food, water , bedding, scat, old or new sign or scat. The size of scat indicates a big or small bear. a lot of different sizes of scat could mean cubs with a sow or a home area for several bears.
Good luck