Found my first arrowhead

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We were streching fence for cattle and looked down and found this arrowhead. I've been wanting to find one for years and was really excited! Think I'm addicted:banana:


After we located it my son started looking around some more and found what I think is some type of scraper. Might just be a pointy rock, but the edge is very sharp and knapped off



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cool finds ...

I can't tell from the pix what the 2nd 1 is ....


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Nice finds! That second looks to be either a scraper or a broken knife...

Next time you take pictures, put a quarter or something in the picture for a size reference.
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Thought the second piece might have been something ceremonial since it was so much bigger. But it feels perfect in the hand. My thumb rides along the grove where the ridge is, and in the direction of what would be the cutting edge.