Found some country music finally

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Not a fan of today's country music. That old 70s and 80s stuff is awesome, though. That was REAL country music back then. This guy sounds too whiny, pretty much like most other male country singers these days. Male country singers today sound like sissies! Maybe he'd sound better if he took that wad of backer out of his mouth. :bounce:

Now this old stuff right here is what I'm talking about. :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana:

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I like ol Waylon and Merl and Jonny Horton and Ernest Tubb and the list goes on. But sadly you can only listen to the same guys for a couple decades and you gotta find somethings new and bareable. The old guys can't come out with anything new, their gone. And if a fellow sing about Dixie, he knows it ain't gonna get played on the radio, so it's from his heart. And his life style is similar to ours, so there you have it. It takes all kinds to make a world.(y)
The problem with any recent country music is it's missing the hurt, struggle, addiction and sorrow. If you listen to old Motown, Country bluegrass, Blues..... It's all filled with a lot of pain and is comes through in their music. The US doesn't have much of that left any more
The slacker app is a good way to find stuff you like. It plays artists similar to the artist you put in. Introduced me to Brent Cobb. Real Georgia boy
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