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I dont know how many of you guys on this site sell your coyotes on the live market, I have and I know several people that have. Id like to point something out to all of you, say you are a weekend trapper mabe you catch 12 coyotes a season this is just a round number to use, now figure most of you are weekend trappers just under 800 license sold last year. So say 600 weekend trappers out of that 250 weekend trappers selling 12 coyotes a season to the pens at a price of $50 each thats 3000 yotes being sold for less than half price to roughly 60 pens in ga. You weekend trappers are flooding the market and cutting everyones throat, If we as trappers all band together and stand firm on a fair price of no less than $100 than we would all get $100. Im tired of the fox pen setting the price for our efforts. We are the ones doing the work trapping them we need to be the ones setting the price. Yall help us all out!!
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What's stupid about the response? You set your price and the pen sets their price. That's the free market. If they offer $50 don't sell them.

I don't have a dog in the hunt. I don't trap
I think that is exactly what K9 is trying to say. All the trappers get together and establish a sale price and stick to it. If the pens don't want to pay it then don't sell to them. But if some people bow down to the pens and keep selling for way less than agreed to, it will never work


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Stick Together

K-9, I have had that exact thought. If I EVER DO figure out this thing called trapping my price will be the same as those who do this to make money. I do not need the $$ enough to cut the throats of those who are good enough to help me learn to be successful at something I am quickly growing to enjoy.:D I will be trying again the remainder of the week. ::;::;

Thank you to all who have helped me to this point and count me in on sticking together.
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you are correct k-9. i wish you luck. i shot all i caught last year because my time and effort is worth way more than 50 dollars. i hope we can all get on the same page.


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I agree but this is the same discussion that has been going on for several years. I quit selling to them last year because of those prices and i sold quite a few each year to several pens. I would rather take a loss trapping, than to sell at cutthroat prices but i do understand that one of the big pens has stood firm on $75 each this year, so far. Hope he keeps it going. I might just sell him a few this year.


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Live Market Pricing

I understood that the bottom dollar was $100. is it $75 or $100?:huh:
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$100 would be better, I dont sell any for less than $75. The pens want to pay $100 in Sep-Oct and then want to cut back to $40 and $50 the rest of the time, If they will pay $75 full time Ill sell to them.
Fair Market Value

Fair Market Value is defined as the agreed price between a willing buyer and a willing seller.

How to get to that price involves marketing.

Even illegal immigrants hanging around Home Depot are smart enough to learn that if they communicate with each other about the market value of the service they provide. That teaches the new kids on the block what to ask for when they get their chance.

If everybody trapping communicates what live coyotes are worth then it makes sense that anybody selling them would ask for what they are worth.

The opposite works for the buyers.

But behind all the marketing is reality. And like my accountant says "Reality is measured in dollars."

Dollars come from profit. Profit equals revenue less expenses.

Don't be surprised that the customers of the fox pens start buying or trapping their own coyotes to "cut out the middle man" and then we will really see how "money talks".

As for me the only reason I'm trapping coyotes is to try and do my part to keep the deer to coyote ratio equal or better than I found it. I'm figuring I need to exterminate at least four coyotes for every doe I harvest. That is based on coyotes having litters of four pups to does dropping one fawn. Adding that deer have other predators and cars killing them I think my target ratio is probably too low.

I predict coyote trapping will become part of all QDM hunting club programs within the next five years. Even if that means raising club dues in order to hire trappers.

Now that some of us are older, instead of "killing a commie for mommy!" let's

"Kill a coyote for Bambie!"
well im getting 200 for blacks and 150 for the rest. but also quality and gurantee has a lot to do with it. the price of gas and other things 50 to 100 was prices from the 90's when the florida pens were open...