Fox Squirrels Making a Comeback?

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It has been a long time since I've seen abundant Fox Squirrels around my neck of the woods. We picked up a new farm last year that is prime habitat for them, so for the last 18 months, I've been sure to incorporate plantings that can benefit those sorts of critters and even went as far as making some large nesting boxes. I only run trail cameras from July (i was late this year) to January, but here are some of my favorite pics of them. I very much enjoy watching them while I deer hunt or enjoy coffee at camp. MFDC2624.JPG MFDC3247.JPG MFDC3475.JPG
I am 50 years old-half a century. I have spent a large portion of that time in the woods. I have never seen a fox squirrel. :(
There's been no shortage of fox squirrels, I've seen a lot of them and treed a few. Just have to have the right habitat for them.


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Good many around here. Down at our cabin there`s more fox squirrels than cat squirrels.
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If they keep going to that feeder in that wide open clearing,the hawks will have an abundance to eat
Ive worried about that, but they tend to always feed with other animals to use them as an alarm system, or they will hide directly under the feeder. MFDC6694.JPG
I do lots of squirrel huntin . I don't see as many fox squirrels as I used to . Beautiful critters . I give the fox squirrels a pass . Shoot em with a camera .
Yessir, they get free passes on our place and plenty of sunflowers, beans and millet to eat on. I hope that they thrive here.


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I've seen two fox in central PA and one on a central GA golf course. Glad to hear they are making a come back.
I'm 69 years old,over 2/3 of a century and I've never seen a red squirrel.
We've got plenty of red squirrels/boomers, but no foxes left that I know of. From what I've read, there used to be several colonies of fox squirrels in the Smokies before the industrial logging in the early 1900s. There are supposed to be a few around the area where I have a little piece of land in SC, but I haven't seen one yet. I keep my eyes open for them.
I hadn't ever seen one either until I started pewin pigs in swga. They have an abundance of them(pigs and fox squirrel). The first ones I seen were out in a field and was pretty much on their hind legs the whole time unless they were moving. I thought it was some kinda black prairie dog thing.


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I never see one in the swamp. Just about all ours are in the longleaf savannah`s. They like to sleep late, unlike cat squirrels, and prefer more open woods.