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Free nine month old pup. He is Williams Buck and Williams Bud breeding. Friendly little pup likes a squirrel and kids. I bought this pup about a month ago and he turned out to be deaf. The guy refunded my money and ask me not to register him (NKC Treeing feist ). He went from not knowing how to cross a creek to treeing a hung up squirrel in a few weeks. Smart little dog. Uses his nose good and watches every thing. I forget he is deaf until I try to wake him when he is sleeping. Amazon has a collar that vibrates for around $45 that he could be trained to if needed. I think he will make a squirrel dog just have a couple more young dogs I'm working now. If you have any questions call 706-754-2788. I am in North East Ga. He is the pup with the black collar. HE is not gun shy at


I have a fiest that I only us hand signals to hunt her she always watches me and rarely gets out of sight she also rarely barks when she trees


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If he had an ear infection and the vet put a disinfectant cream in his ears it will cause him to lose his hearing, but in about a year his hearing will come back. Don't count him out.


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We had a bird dog that was deaf. ONe of the better dogs we had. He hunted close and took to hand signals without a lot of training. Seemed to bond with me more than any other ones we had and in the woods always kept an eye on us rather than us trying to keep up with him.....seem to know and deal with his shortcoming naturally. Was fine dog and found singles and dead birds as well as anything I ever seen. I wouldn't count him out either.
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He is turned loose tonight to see that he can find. Can't learn anything in the pen. I have three young dogs and walk them about 1/2 mile most afternoons.