Fried Flathead and Jalapeno Cheese Grits

That looks Great Johnny. Thing about flat head is the big ones taste just as good as the smaller ones. In my younger years, I used to grab them, in the Red river in Ky. A friend of mine got ahold of a fifty pounder one day. I said you not gonna eat that thing are you. He looked at me like I was crazy, then look down at his bleeding hand, the fish had tore up. He said you dont think I went through this just for the fun of it. The next day I ate some of that fish he fried up and was shocked about how good it was.


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That's the best eatin catfish in my opinion. Kydawg is right, the big ones are as good as the smaller ones when trimmed up right.
Fine looking plate! And I agree on the bigguns. We've had fish fries ffor a big crowd from one 40-lb-er before. Those bigguns might have enough mercury in them to make a case of thermometers, but they taste just fine. :)


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Flatheads are my favorite for catching and for eating!!!
My brother is friends with this guy in the link, He has something he does to prep them before freezing. Something like layering the fillets with ice in a cooler overnight and draining. Repeat three times and freeze.
I wasn't paying real close attention, maybe to get the blood out but it's suppose to make them taste better.
I'm not a big fish eater, prefer redbreast.(LOL) Woman I was talking to recently did one better, she prefers red eyes.

That piece in the OP looks very crispy. Grits look tasty as well. Hey what about fish and waffles?
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