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Too funny
I had a waiter at a Mexican joint one time named Jesus.
He was flawless.


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Are you saying your friends can't be Atheist, Gay, Black, female, liberal, Yankee, Jewish, Mormon, Oneness Pentecostal, Libertarian, Union, Hindu, Alabama fans, or like Bud over PBR because they are in some strange sort of way are trying to convert you to be someone you are not?

I would agree, you do need to change friends. My friends accept me for who I am. We do debate a lot of things but if they can't accept me for who I am, then no they aren't my friends.

I wouldn't want to fish or sleep with anyone who was gung-ho on changing me from who I am.
I think you missed the point.
I think what you think you have flushed out has been who he has always been.
I support Trump and voted for Kemp. I am conservative. I usually always vote Republican. I am against anti-discrimination laws. I am against restaurants being forced to outlaw smoking.

I am against farm subsidies, public radio/TV, public housing, social security, welfare, OSHA, the EPA. I feel FDR was a Socialist.

I'm against my taxes going to help people who don't care to help themselves. I'm pro-gun. I'm against legal and illegal aliens coming into the US.
I should have the right to discriminate as a business owner. It's my business, let me serve whom I want.
No one should be made to serve a Black person or a gay person. You should not be made to hire a woman if you don't want to.

I'm against federal grants and loans. Against special programs to help farmers or other businesses.

I'm for a fair tax, gay marriage, legalizing pot. I'm against making a bakery bake you a cake. For any reason, even if you are Black or female. Even if you are left-handed. Any reason they don't want to.

I feel the government is too big. I'm for state's rights. I'm for a Republic of United States. I'm for individual freedoms.

So I'm not sure who you flushed out. Someone who's more conservative than you are I reckon.
I think you missed the point.
I can see what some are saying. I just don't see the whole lot of them being this evil entity. Antifa, yes.

James Carville and Mary Matalin seem to get along OK. They don't view each other as evil. Misguided maybe. Indoctrinated wrong maybe.

Assuming that most Blacks are Democrat, what is that saying we should do by association? I just chose them as an easy marker of being Liberal.
I too feel they are being lead down the wrong path.
I feel there leadership doesn't really care about them.

Yet knowing most Blacks are liberal, how is that suppose to affect my association with them?

Let's move on to religion and liberals. We know that certain denominations are liberal. What association should we have with the individuals?
I consider myself Evangelical on matters concerning Israel and some other beliefs. Should I not associate with fellow Christians who are not as Conservative as the Evangelicals? Even relatives?

I would also assume most gays are liberal. What do we do at a family get together when a homosexual arrives? Maybe your gay neighbor comes over and needs help to crank his car.

One might assume Atheist to be Liberal. I don't agree with their non-belief and many are Conservative. I don't view them as my enemy. I don't view them as demons any more than Jews not being demons either.

All that being said, if some group like Antifa comes along, they need to be trampled. Abortion needs to be murder. Social programs need to be done away with. Borders need to be protected. Individual freedoms need to be given. That to include pot smokers and gay people.
I've been a working man my whole life. I'm a Capitalist and not a Socialist. The U.S. is neither or both. I'd say it leans too far Socialist.

We've had Democrats and Republicans in office my whole life. I can't say that I have been any better off financially and lifestyle wise regardless of who is in office.

When is the promised change gonna come? Regardless, we'll work till Jesus comes and then we'll be gathered home.

If all of these conservative people are out there as ya'll say they are, why is the US as liberal as it appears to be?

If there are more liberals than conservative out there, then there isn't much we can do about it. It will be what it will be. Our destiny may be predestined.

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I think all Liberals are pure Evil. Anti American Commies! And if I had a magic wand I would make every single one of them disappear. Poof.. And then this country could start to repair the damage created by these vermin.
Yet most of these liberal social programs started way back when I thought individuals were more conservative.
I thought the country as a whole was more conservative.

Again if it's not how can we bring it back? If the Republicans can't, who can? I thought the Libertarian party may be what I was looking for but they aren't. They aren't against abortion and immigration.

Right now maybe the Republicans are my only hope until something better comes along. They just haven't shown me they are the Great White Hope.

I still haven't found what I'm looking for. If liberalism started back in the 30's and the conservatives haven't been able to stop them, why should I believe the Republicans can? Maybe they aren't as conservative as they want us to think they are.

So in that way I see them just as liberal as the Democrats. They haven't shown me the way away from Socialism.

So as it stands today, individuals can be my friends, and political unions are my enemy.
I have not lost any friends over politics. .
Me either, because I don't befriend them in the first place. I have no use for someone I can't trust, and I don't trust how any of them think. They are evil, many to the point of psychosis.