Frigidaire freezer

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knocked off...coils are in the side ...any way to get to them to see if they need cleaning...also what else can i check...its not that old

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Check outlet for power first. If in garage or basement of newer home often on GFI circuit and may have tripped. Not seen one without some sort of access to coil & compressor, may have to empty and prop-up to look underneath.


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Check outlet for power first.
This may seem obvious, but check this out first.

My house is 22 years old and switches and outlets are failing. A lamp plugged in a socket will suddenly go out, or a switched light may or may not stay on. I have swapped out 3-4 just in the last year.

I replaced one switch last week that literally came out in 4-5 pieces. Spoke to an electrician and he said he sees switches and outlets physically fail all the time...from the outside they look fine but internally the plastic has cracked, contacts are corroded, etc...
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yeah checked that ...outlet is good...right before it knocked off...lots of water ran out on the floor


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May have to move freezer away from the wall to get access.

Post model # and/or pics of unit.


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A lot of variables but is it a self defrost model, may have got stuck in defrost. Could be a bad t-stat.
You Tube.fixed mine with 60 bucks worth of parts
.Dirty coils don't stop a unit , it will make it less effience but you'll still feel cold air.
I'd check
Blower Fan for delivering air over the Evaporator coils
Defrost coil to see if it's stuck on. It's just like Toaster Coils ...
Freezers are just a box of parts , their really kinda simple unless they are computer controlled.