From trail camera to the tailgate.

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What a stud!

Where’s the BFO?
He was standing right beside the bottle but eating acorns. Got a picture of him working that BFO scrape that morning. The camera told on him. Its on video but it was right at climb down time. Had to slow the shutter speed to 15 FPS but its bright and clear. 25 yd shot. It was party time under that white oak tree. There was 6-8 deer there. It was shot in the top center of this picture. You can just see the base of the tree that was dropping.
Luckily the BFO didn't scare them all off. :p


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Got the head back from the taxidermist today. I'll do the euro myself. Inside spread is 19 1/4 just like last years buck. Unusual to get 2 wide ones back to back but I have pics of another buck that looks like this one did last year. Big ole wide 6 pt. I may be chasing him next year ?