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Boy, the current generation could use a little shaping! It's people like you Mr. Landrum that makes America the greatest creation mankind has ever produced. God Bless You and Thank You!


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Dang that's cool Preach!

Thanks so much!


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That's a pretty cool pic to be able to have after so many years. Memories you won't forget. Thanks for sharing and for your service.


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I can't say how much I appreciate what you and many others did. Kind of grinds my gears when they talk about the greatest generation. You guys over there have as much respect from me as anyone ever will. You are a national hero. I'm sorry today is the first time I saw the post
Outstanding !!!!

Thank you for your service, Sir.
We sure are proud to have you in the GON family Preacher. No words we have can adequately articulate the gratitude we have for you young men who answered the call, and no words can sufficiently describe how honored we are to be fortunate enough to call you friend. You boys are deserving of the highest honor. We appreciate your service and sacrifice, and we pray blessings upon you and your family. I know your family and friends were wrought with worry the entire time you deployed. I know it was hard on them too, and I know they were overcome with joy at your return. That feeling of reuniting after a long time away in a war zone is truly something words can never describe, isn't it?
Thanks so much Preacher. I always admired the soldiers who led the way before me. You are held in high esteem in my book!!!
There's nothing I could say that hasn't already been said. God Bless you and thank you for your sacrifice and service.
A little before my time. but thanks for your service. I can't begin to imagine being on a position like that.
THANKS TO ALL THAT SERVE to make my life what it is!


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I just came upon this thread. Thank You for your service and sacrifice so that we may enjoy things like this forum and all the freedoms fine people like you afford us! Thank You! The emotion that emerged after seeing that cover must have been incredible...I can't even imagine. I was just a kid during Vietnam but remember seeing in the news the daily casualty reports, draft lottery and reports from the field. God Bless:flag: