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I know there have been many posts in the past regarding Deer Cams but I need to "go shopping" again. :banginghe I bought a deer cam (DC100) 2 years ago and it would never rewind, then last year I went cheaper and got the moultrie at Bass Pro.....they both stink!!! :whip:

I've heard that Lakota was good. Please help me with which one is the most RELIABLE on the market. I want to get one this week. Can't afford any more wasted money!

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I have had my PhotoHunter for three or four years now. It is a work horse. It has survived numerous thunderstorms, multiple hurricanes, numerous cold winters, a colony of ants who decided to make the box their home, and a wild hog using the trail cam to relieve a scratch! No complaints here. I did have some trouble rewinding last time I checked it (I overexposed half the roll!), but I think it had to do more with the film than the camera itself. Here is a link to the website:

Some reviews I found:

I do not recommend the NightHawk trail cam. Had three. One worked for about a week. The other had a bad camera. And the other took up a whole roll of nothing every time I put it out. :mad: