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My brother discovered this pic on an eastern facing trailcam this past week. Maybe a premonition ? Maybe a sign a treasure is buried here? Or maybe just a weird reflection? Resized_20180928_175349_5349.jpg
What you are seeing is nothing more than a spider that has crawled up into the recessed area in front of the actual lens of your trail camera. Those tentacle looking things are the spider's legs and the sunlight can easy filter right through the legs of the spiders. They love to hide and reside there and especially in rainy weather.

I've had this to happen probably 25-30 times since I starting using trail cameras back about 8 years ago. I try my best to always remember to use a small lens cloth (same as the type I use for my glasses every day) every time now that I check my cameras and pull the cards.

I checked my cameras yesterday afternoon and during the past 8 days, I had 5,732 photos on my cameras. I didn't check but 31 of my cameras yesterday as I didn't have time to check all of them. The good news is that I saw 4 different bucks on camera that had NOT shown up this entire year before. There were two medium size 10 pt, one nice 9 pt and a fairly large 8 pt. Every deer on my property was moving all hours of the day and night too. These were a nice surprise as they just showed up during the past week. I also saw several bucks already getting serious about pushing and shoving and outright fighting like crazy too.
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I've never run into any spiders in the woods ...... said nobody ever ! Makes sense to me. Thanks

Wide Earp

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don't listen to the negative nancy's, bigfoots gold is burried thar;)


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If I posted all of the weird spider generated pics I have gotten on game cameras and security cams, people would insist aliens. But it is just arachnids hanging out waiting for a easy meal.