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I’m working on the bass slam and i need some help identifying this bass species. I caught this bass in the West Fork of the Chatooga River near Pine Mountain, GA. I was fishing for a Bartram Bass. Thanks for the help. 4FE0EE9B-32C0-42F8-8618-F77766B9BC35.jpeg 727C766E-C44C-4635-8273-CF1670456ABC.jpeg 8C20270B-B4E9-4292-87B3-06FCDFF69216.jpeg
To me it looks to be some sort of hybrid. Submitting to DNR will result in them identifying it for you as part of slam submission. Looks to me to have some Spot in it.
That looks like a shoal bass to me. The truth is, it could be anything in that river and certainly a hybrid largemouth cousin twice removed inbred starving the death, eat anything that swims by bass.


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I'd call it a redeye, but I'm no expert.
Thanks for the feedback Fish Hawk. Where did you get picture of the Bass Species of Georgia. Really cool
Was in the prize package when I won the bass slam last year,only two of those pictures have been made,one hangs in the commissioners office and the other in my house.When they had the picture designed they wanted them to be as realistic as possible.Good luck on getting your slam this year!!!
They are spotted bass in Lake Tugalo but doubt they are up that far north. So this is more likely a pure Bartram's. He is just a lighter color because of where he was swimming. If you were to put him in an aerated cooler for a bit he would have darkened right up. Then you would see those true bartram's colors.


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The fish in Tugalo are Alabama bass not spotted (Kentucky) bass

They come through the system from Lake Burton

I'd say the fish in the op is a Bartram's bass.
"The fish in Tugalo are Alabama bass not spotted (Kentucky) bass"

You are right. We all need to start calling these two fish by their right names. I don't like the fact DNR refused to separate them especially in the bass slam. IFG has already established records for both fish. FLW ans BASS should lead the way on this as well.


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It’s a Bartrams bass. The Chattooga is full of them. I have caught the. Bass slam this year and I caught mine from a tributary of the Chatooga and caught a nice one last week from the Chatooga watershed.


Black Bass are in the Sunfish Family. Stripers are in the Family Moronidae, a very different fish all together. Stripers are anadromous fish that migrate between fresh and salt water.
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