GA Deer Restocking 1928 - 1974 Program History Summary & Details

Good information about the restocking program. I remember when the deer were stocked in Upson and Pike counties.


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I just saw this thread. It's Great BTW. I had the pleasure of getting to know Mr. Whittington. Great Man, unbelievable outdoorsman. He never sat in a deerstand. And according to him he has some Giant horns...He was our caretaker at our club in Crawford county. he walked our lease many times and gave us detailed instruction on browse line and how many does needed killing. We shared many conversations and i learned alot about the restocking from him directly. Yes there were great numbers restocked privately. Usually still had the DNR's help just no real records were kept. I'm lucky to live in a county that had both Texas and WI strain placed. There here just dang hard to find...
Mr. Whit is still the great outdoorsman. One of the stupidest things I ever did was selling the '89 Z71 I bought from him. He's a tough ole feller too, rattle snakes can't even put him down for long.:cheers:
Weird they used some of the island deer as broodstock. Wish we did not introduce the genetics of those tiny deer to the rest of the herd.
The islands don't have poor genetics, they just have poor soils and habitat. The areas on the mainland with good habitat that were stocked solely with island deer produce really nice bucks.
Ive heard various stories all my life about this. I find the records very interesting.

For instance we all know Dooley countys reputation as a big buck county. Of there original deer stocking a 3rd came from the islands. Another 3rd came from PNWR. Im not sure where they came from originally. Makes you wonder how much genetics plays a role period.


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