GA MAN deer stuck in fence

I helped free a young buck from a barb wire fence off of Five Notch Road down in Heard County many years ago. He was so tired he just sat there for several minutes before wobbly moving on.
Yep, been there, done that.

I was driving down the road in the Dunwoody suburbs and saw a young buck upside down impaled by a metal fence post through his hind leg. The fence was about 6 feet tall. I knocked on the homeowner's door and he came out and we pushed it off the fence. I was holding up his front half while the homeowner pushed his leg off the fence and threw it over. I was cradling the deer with blood spewing out and the deer made a roar/scream that I have never heard a deer make. It shocked me so I dropped the deer and ran. The homeowner's 3 year old kid was crying hysterically.